Custom Handicap System

All members of the Meeting Industry Ladies Organization are invited to participate in the new and improved handicap program as a complimentary benefit of your membership.

The Custom Handicap Program is a flexible golf handicap program that lets you calculate CUSTOM handicaps. Our Handicap Program provides an easy to use spreadsheet style interface. Full screen input with pull down menus, (Just like filling out a form!) Macro/speed keys allow for the fastest possible data input. (Press one key to enter a new score). Most important, HS is easy to use! Computer novice is assumed. Once you complete your input of your current scores, just press the button and your most current handicap will be printed on your computer printer in a card format suitable for you to fold and keep in you wallet.


  • Complete membership information
  • Stores any number of outings for each golfer – including play dates, courses played, tees, holes, and scores. If you choose to enter scores hole by hole, this info is saved for later review. Your hole by hole entry looks just like a score card.
  • Add, drop, or update golfers and scoring information at any time.
  • Any number of courses can be tracked. Maintains course names, addresses, tees, ratings, slopes, yards, pars, etc. A new course can be added at anytime. All tees at each course can be listed.
  • Tracks number of scores since season start and last handicap revision


(Details regarding GSID Number and Password, etc. will be made available once you notify the MILO/The Golfe via e-mail that you want to participate in the program.)

  • Contact for your Custom Handicap Member Number
  • Just click to
  • Type in the GSID Number.
  • Type in the Password.
  • Follow the instructions and enter your scores.
  • If you have a course that is not listed in the database…just list it as “away”. Forward us the course information and we will add it into the database.
  • Scores will be calculated the last day each month and will be available on the 1st of each month for a New Handicap Card printout
  • Most current Handicap can be viewed at anytime on-line (card updates only once a month)
  • For those that require a USGA Handicap, please contact for details on how to obtain this information.
  • If you have any question regarding the above process please contact us at 301/294-6456.

We know you will enjoy this program and it will assist you with keeping up with your golf skill level.

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