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 Benefits of Membership

The purpose of The Golfe is to educate those individuals in the meeting, hospitality and travel industry to improve communication skills and fellowship through the game of golf. Listed below are the many benefits derived from your membership in The Golfe.

  • The Golfe Custom Handicap System (Upon Request)
  • The Golfe Electronic Membership Directory
  • The Golfe invites members¬†to participate in the MEETING MASTERS Championship
  • The Golfe sanctions 40 industry tournaments as qualifiers the MEETING MASTERS Championship.
  • Discounted registration fees on various programs
  • The Golfe Cooperative will assist members with the purchase of equipment, accessories and clothing associated with the game of golf.
  • Discounted software management with The Multisoft Group
  • Hot Links to Members through

Your membership in The Golfe, the many benefits, tremendous industry contacts and fellowship will be provided for $95.00 a year for Meeting Planners and $125.00 annually for Industry Suppliers.

Membership Application

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